was man vermisst

“Was man vermisst”  “What is missed” The notes are conversations that took place and the routes that people took. People on Staintor told me why they were there, what they would miss if it were no longer there and whether they thought anything was missing from the place. The drawn plan consists of their answers while the topographical features gradually fade into the background.
This piece was part of the cultural hacking project “Bis das Chameleon sichtbar wird”, which was shown in the Werkleitz festival 2013. http://werkleitz.de/moveforward/en/%E2%80%A6bis-das-cham%C3%A4leon-sichtbar-wird
Am Steintor is a busy, central area of Halle that is the focus of major redevelopment plans. Currently it’s home to one of the city’s busiet and confusing roads and main tram stations, a popular music hall and a large traffic island with a well used park, but some things are going to go.

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